The Atlas Vampire Murder – The Death of Lilly Lindeström

On May 4, 1932, 32-year-old Lilly Lindeström, was found murdered in her small apartment in the Atlas area of Stockholm near Sankt Eriksplan.

This murder would become known as The Atlas Vampire Murder.Lilly Lindeström1

The last person to see Lilly alive was her neighbor, Minnie. A few days before Lilly’s body was discovered, Minnie claimed that Lilly had come to her door twice to borrow condoms and again around 9:00PM with just a coat on. She was nude under the coat. This was not entirely unusual as Lilly was a sex worker.

Lilly was never seen alive again.

A concerned Minnie repeatedly rang Lilly’s room only to receive no answer. Minnie decided to call the police. When the police entered Lilly’s room, she was lying face down and naked on the bed. She had also suffered from repeated blunt force trauma to her head. Lilly had been dead between two and three days prior to the police breaking into her apartment.

The police officers on the scene realized fairly quickly that there was no blood at the scene. Lilly’s body had been completely drained of blood. A blood-stained gravy ladle was found and the investigators believed it had been used by the murderer to drink Lilly’s blood. They also found saliva on Lilly’s neck, however there was no reports of finding any puncture wounds.

A used condom was found protruding from Lilly’s anus which suggested that she had engaged in sexual activity before her death. The police found Lilly’s clothing had been neatly folded on a nearby chair. There were no fingerprints found at the scene.Lilly Lindeström2

Immediately after finding Lilly’s body, a search of the Sank Eriksplan neighborhood. The police also interviewed either of Lilly’s former clients. Unfortunately this produced no persons of interest. Every person intervieed was ruled out.

There was a suggestion at one point that it may have been a police officer due to the killers ability to remove all of the physical evidence from the crime scene. Sadly this is the end of the story on this crime. No further suspects or clues were ever found. Lilly Lindeström’s murder is forever a cold case.

The identity of ‘The Atlas Vampire’ may remain unsolved forever.

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